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Uh..hey guys..i'm sorry I've not been on for so long..
My mother passed away on the 22nd of June,and we were busy preparing her funeral (and crying,haha).I was so sad..but I guess it's fine. There's nothing I can do,after all. To all of you,please treasure your mothers while they're still alive. Don't egg them or hurt their feelings,you'll regret it if you can't say sorry. I had wanted to go for a trip with my friends to Sarawak,but my mum didn't allow me to. So I got angry at her and shouted at her. I didn't even say sorry..
Oh my god guys I think I'm gonna cry again. Please help comfort me..I'm so sad and lonely.My dad is too emotional to comfort me..so please.. :(

~The Good Wish Post~

Hey there guys!!It's been awhile since i've been on and i apologize!!My schedule has been super busy;as well as the fact i would go to shonen ai online games every time i turned the computer on.^_^
Please stay healthy and happy all day!OH!And keep the fictions coming in,kogarajoshi and nabtheheart !
As for sujitha_17 ,good luck on your stories!I have yet to read them!
See you sometime this year!
Hello.Hello journal.
The reason why I didn't update was because I was busy preparing my cosplay for the Cosfest at S'pore in July!XD
I am going to cosplay as Madoka from Madoka Magica!!!0A0 But,somehow,I don't really like her dress.Its too poofy and Cinderella-ish for my tomboyish traits!I wish I had gone with a male character.But it's too late,now.Oh well.
I had fun styling my wig the most.It was fun to redo and redo!(luckily I have a durable wig..) My lil sis is going to tag along,but she ain't gonna cosplay as anyone.She is going as Annoying the little sister.XDD
if any of you are going to attend the Cosfest,do say!I wanna meet someone.c:


I am an un-certified online seller,so the safety of your goods are not my priority.I cannot guarantee you that they will arrive unharmed,but I promise to ship them to you in tip-top condition.If your goods reach you dead or have fetal injuries,please inform me so that I can replace them.

I will only be shipping to Malaysia,so if you are not from anywhere in M'sia don't continue reading.

Crown tail betta
MYR 12+shipping
Marble betta
MYR 15+shipping
Multi-colored betta
MYR 25+shipping
Split tailed betta
MYR 15+shipping
{Other fish}
MYR 3 per fish+free shipping 
MYR 5 per fish+shipping
MYR 4 per two fish+free shipping

Hey guys!Long-a time no see!
Yup,yup.I'm really sorry,ok?But I was busy with a lot of work and karma just wasn't on my side.Here's the stuff that happened this week;
I checked out a fair in town!It was cool,I guess.(If I knew more about Naruto,that is.)
The only stuff they sold were a few Naruto,Bleach and other unknown anime thingamajigs.So..not my taste.And did I mention I went in jeans and a green tee?I was so stressed and tired,I actually forgot the following;
i)My new sneaks.I used my old,faded pink ones.
ii)My perfectly planned outfit.
iii)My brain.Oh yeah,I was so blur,I consider it a loss of brain.I remember faintly that I actually saw some Death Note stuff,but didn't bother to buy any.*CRY*
Oh!And here's a short list of what I bought.(Its actually really long cause I thought I didn't buy much,but yeah.)

A fake-cut for the sake of shortening the length of my drabble.Collapse )


Hello people!^^
Partially,I'm pissed cause it's coming out in Japan,and goodness knows how long till it comes out in US,but hey,we'll get our chance!
*fist pump
Anyone having plans on freaking out about this and crazy stuff?

Haha lmfao
I was once asked by my ex boyfriend (fucking puppy love) who was obviously a perv:-
"Are you a virgin?"
I can't remember what happened next;all I remember was my hand slapping and my high-heels kicking him right where it hurt.I hope I got him infertile...^^
And I still have that pair of prized pink heels;maybe one day I'll visit him and greet him while showing off my karate skills!
What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

Hey,guys.This really happened today,at around 4:00,and well...I miss my best friend,Charmaine.She died from a car accident...and yeah it was the worst experience ever,even though years have passed.
May she rest in peace forever,ya.

Charmaine Brown

Milk and strawberries blend well..Collapse )

I am boooored~
With homework piling up like crap and the damn weather.
It's FRYING here....
And yeah,that's all I wanted to babble bout.^^
Have a great day,people.

I like listening to music,for one.
My favorite singers?
David Archuleta,Greyson Chance,and yeah,I guess Linkin Park.^^
I can't help but feel I'm In Heaven When You Kiss Me a too-soft song for yaoi..but maybe it's just me.
And I really like writing.Stories,I mean.
I was into fanfiction for awhile,but decided they weren't too good.So I scraped the idea and settled on self-composed stories.
Speaking of composed,I'm still in the process of playing the game The World Ends With You,or Subarashiki Kono Sekai in Japan.(Slow,not?)
Who's the Composer?I really hope it isn't Mr.H,is it?But uhah!No one tell me!tora_dora...*looks teasingly*don't go being a spoiler-teller.
I have a sister,but no brothers.Her name's Katia,for short Kate,Tiara or whatever comes into your mind.^^
She's 15,while I'm a good 17 years.Hah,pretty old,not?
I have never been a good socialist,so don't expect very good comments or such.=3=
And do add me,if you want.
Thanks a lot.